Fall Days on System and Software Analysis

Villa Vennendal, Nunspeet, (see Google maps)
November 6-10, 2017

The IPA Fall Days are an annual multi-day event, dedicated to a specific theme of current interest to the research community of IPA. This year’s Fall Days are dedicated to System and Software Analysis, fitting in the Cyber Physical Systems, Software Analysis and Model-Driven Software Engineering focus areas of the research school for the period 2013-2018.

The programme of the Fall Days will be composed with the help of Jurriaan Hage (UU/e),  Alfons Laarman (UL) and Erik de Vink (TU/e and CWI). Drop us an email if you are interested in giving a presentation during the Fall Days and we’ll see how and where it can fit.


Monday 6 November is reserved for the IPA PhD workshop; the remainder of the days are devoted to various themes and topics in System and Software Analysis. Our keynote speaker for the PhD Workshop is Sung-Shik Jongmans, winner of the IPA Dissertation Award of 2016.

The PhD workshop aims to promote the interaction and cohesion with PhD students from other universities on both a social and technical level, provide a hospitable setting in which presentation skills can be demonstrated and improved through constructive feedback by peers, and be fun. This workshop is open to all IPA PhD students alike (provided we have sufficient number of time slots). If you are interested in giving a 20-25 minute presentation, send us an email.