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Combinatorial Optimization Symposium JKL60

A DIAMANT Intercity Event



On December 19 2007 Jan Karel Lenstra will reach 60 years of age, which will be celebrated with a research seminar on combinatorial optimization on December 20. Jan Karel's scientific work on scheduling problems in the context of complexity theory has made the Netherlands a significant spot on the map of international research on Operations Research and Combinatorial Optimization. He is also playing a central role, nationally and internationally, in scientific organisation, currently being general director of the Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI) in Amsterdam. The seminar is a tribute to Jan Karel.

We are pleased to invite you to the seminar and give you the opportunity to congratulate Jan Karel at the subsequent reception. If you wish to join the free lunch, please indicate so by writing an e-mail to Kora Lemmens. Also, if you intend to come to the reception please indicate so in a message to Kora Lemmens, enabling us to get an idea of the number of people we may expect.

Seminar, lunch and reception are offered to you by generous support of the research school BETA, the Dutch Network on the Mathematics of Operations Research LNMB, the mathematics research cluster DIAMANT and the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the TU Eindhoven.

We hope to meet you at the 20th of December 2007 in Eindhoven.

Han Hoogeveen
Gerard Kindervater
Leen Stougie
Steef van de Velde
Gerhard Woeginger

When and where

When: December 20, 2007.
Where: De Kennispoort, Building of the TU Eindhoven and the Kamer van Koophandel, Grote Zaal (large lecture room), 1st floor.


Titles and abstracts of the lectures will be announced shortly

10:15 Coffee with patisserie  
11:00 Michael Pinedo (New York University, New York)  : Scheduling Theory and the Real World - Is there a Connection?
11:45 *Leen Stougie (TU Eindhoven & CWI, Amsterdam)  A linear bound on the diameter of the transportation polytope
12:30 Lunch. (Please register with Kora Lemmens)  
14:00 Rolf Möhring (TU Berlin)  Optimized Route Planning in Traffic and Logistics
14:45 Rene Sitters(TU Eindhoven)  Approximating the maximum feasible subsystem problem  
15:30 Tea-break
16:00 David Shmoys (Cornell University)  A constant approximation algorithm for the a priori TSP
17:00-18:30 Reception in the restaurant of the Kennispoort. (Please indicate your intended presence to Kora Lemmens)  

*Unfortunately, Martin Savelsbergh has had to decline. Leen Stougie will give a lecture instead.



    Participation is for free.

    All further questions to: Leen Stougie.

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