ERP Data Generator

ERP data generator is a software to generate semi-real data. More precisely, it connects CPN Tools with Dolibarr ERP/CRM system and can replay the simulation log generated by CPN Tools on the real ERP system (Dolibarr) to generate data in its corresponding database.

Download Runnable JAR (2017.06.12) Download Manual (2017.06.12) Download Nightly Builds


We provide example CPN models and simulation logs as well as the configuration files for the software and the data (SQL script) to initialize Dolibarr.

Order TO Cash

This example model is based on the OTC scenario. Its simulation log will opearate the Dolibarr system to populate tables such as llx_commande (order), llx_commandedet (order line), llx_expedition (shipment), llx_expeditiondet (shipment line), llx_facture (invoice), llx_facturedet (invoice line), llx_paiement (payment), llx_paiement_facture (payment line) and llx_element_element (element relation).

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