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Finding Alignments using Replay a Log on Petri Net For Conformance Analysis plugin

I am using the plug in “Replay a Log on Petri Net For Conformance Analysis” to check the alignment between my model and my log.  But I am not able to see appropriate deviations in the alignment. The algorithms and settings I use to perform my analysis is shown in the screenshots below:

In the Mapping I choose to Map by Event Name. If I choose the default MXML Legacy Classifier, it gives me "EventName+complete".

After this, I make this selection for the algorithm.

Then on Set Parameters Options, I set the following:

Move on Model Cost = 1

Move on Log Cost = 1

Move Synchronous Cost = 0

Then the result I obtain is shown below. I really have no idea why I am not getting the right deviations. 

Could you please give me idea on my possible mistakes or suggestions. Thank you in advance.

1.1.JPG 29.5K
1.JPG 59.7K
2.JPG 129.7K


  • JBuijsJBuijs Posts: 870
    Hi Bishruti,

    Given the fact that the alignment consists of log-moves only, I suspect that your process model either has no token in the initial marking/place, or contains a deadlock or other error somewhere. I would therefore inspect your process model to see if there is an error there..
    Joos Buijs
    Assistant Professor in Process Mining at Eindhoven University of Technology
  • bishrutibishruti Posts: 6
    Hello Dr. @JBuijs ,

    Actually, I converted my BPMN model using Convert BPMN to Petri Nets Plugin and then used Reduce Silent Transitions, Preserve Behavior Plugin. I hope until this step it is okay. And thank you so much for your response. I will check into my model again.
  • bishrutibishruti Posts: 6
    Hello Dr. @JBuijs,

    Thank you so much. There was a dead transition...  Fixed it. :)
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