A new application

Some users like SequoiaView because they can see what's on their disk, others like it because of the strange pictures it produces. And some like both! Below an email we got from Birgit and Marcel Rieder.

The SequoiaView team is very proud that we've made it to their living room!

Hi there

We downloaded your tool recently. Good idea, thanks for the tool and the great overview of our hard disk. We found the bitmap of our hard disk worth becoming a big picture in our living room. To let you know what was done with your work, we attach a picture of it.

Best regards

Birgit and Marcel Rieder

PS: When the people from the copy center first got our bitmap file, they phoned back and told us that something must be wrong with this file. They did only see strange lines and no text. They did send me a pdf-File to show me what they received and to double check. I agreed that this is the picture they had to print. Two days ago they sent me an email and asked where they can download this program. They plan to make a similar picture of their own hard disk :-)