Revision History

Version Date Remarks
1.1 09-11-2000 Original published version.
1.1a 12-12-2000 Minor bug fixes
1.1b 06-02-2001 SequoiaView now reads system directories like Temporary Internet Files and Recycled.
1.1c 26-02-2001

Fixed bug crashing SequoiaView when reading directory information on some systems and color settings are now saved when exiting.

1.1d 27-02-2001 Tooltip stays up longer, fixed bugs related to reading of drive.
1.1e 03-04-2001 Fixed problems with scanning empty disks, disks larger than 2 TB and files larger than 4GB on NTFS systems.
1.2 08-04-2002 Added squarified cushion treemap, sorting, read/write filters, and some minor enhancements like remembering window size.
1.3  25-11-2002 Read saved structure from file instead of scanning again, scan part of disc, remembers a bit more (causing a separate version for XP), command line parameters supported 
19-12-2002 1.3 is available as win-zip file, will add 1.3XP as zip if there is any demand


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is your program called 'SequoiaView'?

A: We are interested in the visualisation of large tree structures and since a sequoia is a prime example...


Q: Is the source for SequoiaView public, or will it be? If not, is there a component I can use?

A: No, the sources for SequoiaView are not publicly available and we currently do not have a component version.


Q: Will there be a Linux or Unix version of SequoiaView?

A: No, not in the near future. A workaround : SequoiaView can work in SuSE 8.1 using the WINE interface. There is also a SequoiaView like product for linux KDirStat   


Q: Great program, but why can't I delete files?

A: Most people are not accustomed to viewing their filesystem in this way and we wouldn't want to be responsible for people accidentally deleting their files. Using the popup context menu under the right mouse button however, you can immediately access Windows explorer and delete any file you wish.

Q: Is SequoiaView in any other language ?

A : No, there is only an English version of SequoiaView. However, Michael Brestrich has kindly translated the release notes into German. 

Q: SequoiaView crashes when it tries to read my disk. I get a blue screen and am returned to the Windows desktop.

A: This was a bug that occured on some systems that used older (1.1b and prior) versions of SequoiaView. Downloading the lastest version should fix this.


Q : Who developed SequoiaView?

A: SequoiaView was developed by the following persons:


Q : My question is not answered in this FAQ. What now?

A :  Contact us at for comments or questions.