Alexandru C. Telea

 Department of Mathematics and Computing Science
 University of Groningen
 Nijenborgh 9
 9747 AG Groningen
 The Netherlands

 office: Building 5161, room 494
 phone: +31 50 363 5106

 I hold a tenured appointment as adjunct professor in Scientific Visualization and Computer Graphics at the Institute of Mathematics and Computing Science (IWI), University of Groningen, the Netherlands. I also hold a temporary affiliation at the Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands.


My interests cover the following:



scientific visualization (flow visualization, GPU-based acceleration techniques)

information visualization (software visualization, InfoVis systems design)

multiscale visualisation (hierarchical data representations and visual metaphors)

interactive systems design (visual application builders, dataflow environments)
computer imaging (skeletonization, medical imaging, PDE-based image processing)
object-oriented and component-oriented software design (design and architectural patterns)
static source code analysis (reverse engineering, C/C++ parser design, fact extraction and querying)

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The Book


Data Visualization: Principles and Practice (510 pages)

This book provides an introduction to data visualization from a practical perspective. The book
addresses undergraduate and graduate students as well as professionals interested in using
visualization to explore and understand their data in a range of application fields, including
computational flow dynamics, engineering sciences, and medical imaging. Topics covered
include: scalar, vector, tensor, image, volume, and information visualization, covered by examples
and sample code.

The book was published by A. K. Peters Ltd in 2007.

Ongoing Projects

Here is a selection of my ongoing projects. Check out also the tool downloads in the following sections

The Visual Code Navigator:  A full-fledged environment for visualizing and navigating software projects of millions of lines of code and hundreds of versions.

3D Skeletonization: A novel approach to robustly extract and intuitively simplify skeleton surfaces of large, complex 3D voxelized objects.

AreaView: A full-fledged viewer for UML diagrams, augmented with metrics, annotations, smart navigation, and areas of interest.

MemoView: An interactive tool to visualize the evolution of log data such as profiling memory allocations and CVS repository information.

SoftVision: An interactive environment for constructing software architecture and similar graph-based visualizations.

Delivered Courses

Here are the main courses I deliver or have delivered:

Data Visualization (Masterís level)

Advanced computer graphics (Bachelor level)

Software maintenance and evolution (Masterís level)

Software quality assessment and testing (Bachelor level)


Here is a selection of the master, post-master and PhD students that I currently supervise or have supervised (2000-present):


Master and post-master students:


        Ronald Holthuizen

        Yuri van Oers

        Milan Pasternak

        Dennie Reniers

        Freek Nossin

        Gerard Lommerse      

        Maurice Termeer

        Martijn van Dortmont 

        Matthijs van Eede       

        Arjan Janssen

        Frans Boerboom

        Kees van Kooten

        Sergio Moreta

        Mark Stoetzer

        Hessel Hoogendorp



PhD students and researchers:


        Lucian Voinea

        Dennie Reniers

        George Byelas

        Mariam Sensalire


PhD Research

My PhD research was on the design and implementation of VISSION, an interactive application building environment for VIsualisation and SImulation with Object-oriented Networks. VISSION offers object-oriented tools for scientific visualization and (real-time) interaction with running simulations, is easily extendable with application-specific modules, and constructs visual programming and graphics user interfaces automatically for object-oriented application code.