Hannes Pretorius


State transitions systems are graphs and it is often natural to consider their visualization as a graph visualization problem. However, they also pose an interesting multidimensional visualization challenge since every state can be considered as a point in n-space. To experiment with this approach we built a prototype. StateVis provides a number of methods to project such "high-dimensional" states to 2D. This prototype can downloaded below.

StateVis (Windows)
StateVis (Linux)

For a summary of the input format used, read this short note.

We also described our approach in a paper for IV05:

Multidimensional visualization of transition systems
A.J. Pretorius and J.J. van Wijk
Proc. 9th Int'l Conf. Information Visualisation (IV05), London, UK, pp. 323-328, 2005.

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