2Z830 Programmeren 2 voor Wiskunde

Year 2006/2007

Instructions finished. Check the evaluation to see whether you deserve a bonus point at the exam. Please notify me of any omissions.

Assignments (by Ruurd Kuiper):

2Z830 Programmeren 1 voor Wiskunde

Year 2006/2007

One bonus point at the final examination of the course is awarded to everyone that made at least 8 out of 12 assignments. Check whether you will receive a bonus point by looking at the evaluation. If there are any omissions, please let me know.

I will only accept submissions of answers for the last two weeks. For example, after week 5, you can no longer send in answers from week 3 or earlier.

Locations for mathematics students: Assignments (by Ruurd Kuiper): Exam solutions:

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