This page shows the results of my electronic endeavours, all involving LED lighting.

Project 2 - Moodbar

In progress

My second project is the so-called Moodbar, of one meter long, containing four rows of LEDs. Each row contains 12 LEDs and of a single color: red, green, blue, and white. The idea is that the bar lights a wall, and that colors can be mixed to obtain intermediate colors. In each row, the 12 LEDs are powered in 3 parallel 15V series. The intensity of the rows is controlled by a PIC microprocessor using pulse-width modulation (PWM). Now I have to come up with some nice patterns using only assembly language...


Project 1 - Square Eclipse

September 2005

My first project is called the Square Eclipse. The name and idea are shamelessly copied from the LED-artist James Clar. He only shows the end results and does not describe the inner workings, so I designed that myself. My version of the Square Eclipse is a wall-mounted black square (25x25 cm) with 20 blue leds behind it. The LEDs are controlled by a MAX6956, which allows to control the intensity of each LED in 17 steps. The MAX6959 is controlled by the PC via the parallel port, using my own software.

Images & movies (more to come):
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