An example of design with Structural Sketcher.


Architect was given a small design task for approximately 30 minutes. It required designing a doctorís practice on a predefined site.

Here is the result:











The architect received an assignment and carefully examined it.

He loaded an image of the site and adjusted its size. Also, he created several layers.

He created a grid on a separate layer and defined its size (10 by 10 meters). With assistance of the gridís gravity he defined spaces for the doctorís office and physiotherapist.









On this stage the architect found that the grid that he used was inappropriate: it is too large to help in defining the area spaces for these rooms. He went several steps back and defined a new grid instead of the previous grid (5 by 5 meters). Also, he enlarged the image of the site.

Next, he defined all the spaces according to the design assignment and arranged their approximate locations.






The architect continued to examine the arrangement of spaces. Also, he defined a zone, which denotes the possible shape of the building.

On this stage he realized that he doesnít need a grid: it restricts his creativity; the orthogonal dimensionality is not useful for the triangular shape of the site. Therefore he switched off the visualization of the layer associated to the grid and continued to arrange spaces.


He began to use layers by associating contours to them and switching on/off their visualization in order examine different space compositions. Also he changed the shapes of some spaces from rectangular to triangular. Here the architect commented that he couldnít be sure about the size area of modified contours and suggested to add the possibility of automatic area calculation for all drawn contours.


The early design is finished: the doctorís office, physiotherapist, and apothecary are defined as the working space that is colored by blue. Reception, secretary, waiting room, and break room are defined as the public space and are colored red.

The architect was very pleased with Structural Sketcher and asked a copy of this program for a daily use.


The following figures show other design results of architects. We think that the wide variety in results shows that the tool does not lead to standard solutions, but enables architects to produce creative results.




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