Brief overview of my PhD work



I obtained my PhD degree on 19th of May 2004 at Visualization Group, Computer Science Department, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven.

My project was a part of the E3DAD project. Below are the results of my work.


During my PhD project I was busy with developing, a computer tool in order to support architectural design in early stages. The name of this tool is Structural Sketcher.


Short description: Imagine the early architectural design process where the architect uses a design system, but doesn’t think about the interaction with it. In such a way he can more clearly focus on a design process and make more qualitative and efficient design… 

In order to design he uses a set of graphic units that are related to early stages and carry an architectural knowledge. A special geometrical engine takes care of manipulations of graphic units and their hierarchies. A user interface for such a design system is based on a metaphor that is familiar for the architect…


Keywords:  user interface, early design process, drawing system, design support, and computer graphics


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As an example of how the system can be used in early stages of design we give a description of a design that was performed by one of the architects during the evaluation of Structural Sketcher.


Here you can download the demo version of Structural Sketcher (version 29-02-2004, no help)

Here is the user manual for the demo program  (version 29-02-2004)






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q      Sviataslau Pranovich, Structural Sketcher: a tool for supporting architects in early stages , PhD thesis, Eindhoven, May, 2004 (PDF, 5Mb)


Presentation of my work (ppt, 10Mb)


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o      Presentation

o      Video demonstration


q      Pranovich, S.,  Achten, H., J. J. van Wijk, Towards an architectural design system based on generic representations. In: Gero J.S. (ed), Artificial Intelligence in Design’02, Cambridge (UK), July 13-17, p. 153-164, Kluwer Academic Publishers,2002.



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Updated: 10-10-2005

by Slava Pranovich