The Euler Institute for Discrete Mathematics and its Applications (EIDMA) is a research institute that has been established by the dutch universities of technology at Eindhoven (TUE), Twente (UT) and Delft (TUD) in 1994.

EIDMA's main areas of research are:

The aim of EIDMA's activities is to promote and organize research programs on a large scale, to support and stimulate young research fellows and to be a natural helpdesk to turn to for solutions to discrete mathematical problems in industry.

The educational activities of EIDMA include graduate courses for PhD students, the organization of advanced classes for undergraduate students and courses on special topics, like the industrial application of discrete mathematics.

In December 2005, the accredition of EIDMA by the KNAW (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences) has been extended for another period of six years.

Participating groups:

Organizational structure:

Scientific director: Henk C.A. van Tilborg
e-mail address:

Management assistants:
Mrs. Rianne van Lieshout / Mrs. Anita Klooster
e-mail address:

Board of Governors:
Prof.dr. A.M. CohenTU Eindhoven, chairman.
Dr. T.S.H. DriessenUT, Enschede.
Prof.dr. A. SchrijverCWI, Amsterdam. H.C.A. van TilborgTU Eindhoven, Scientific Director. F.M.J. WillemsTU Eindhoven.

Scientific Board:
Prof.dr. E.H.L. Aarts TU Eindhoven & Philips Research.
Ir. M.J.M.M. van AsperdtNBV, Den Haag. C.P.M.J. BaggenPhilips Research, Eindhoven.
Prof.dr. A.E. BrouwerTU Eindhoven.
Dr. Phillipe CaraULB, Brussels, Belgium.
VacancyHGI, Bochum, Germany.
Prof.dr. J.-J. QuisquaterUCL, Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium.
Prof.dr. J.A. ThasUnversity of Ghent, Belgium. J.P.L. VandewalleKU Leuven, Belgium.
Prof.dr. A.J. VinckIEM, Essen, Germany.
Prof.dr. G.J. Woeginger TU Eindhoven.