Personal interests

Check out my informal homepage and surf to Gido Brouns's homepage.


I play tennis for LTC De Gelenberg---for which I have also been the official Verenigingscompetitieleider (VCL, competition manager)---and for EST Fellenoord, the students' tennis club of Eindhoven University of Technology. My rating is "4".

I frequently work out at the university's gym, located in the university's sports centre. Two times a week, there is a circuit training, involving a lot of weights and a lot of sweat. No admittance for softies.

Once upon a time, there was an indoor soccer team called 'ZVT Topshots'. I occasionally joined them to lead them to yet another victory---or rather defeat---in the university's indoor soccer competition.


I am a member of WIRE.


Under construction. This could take a while. First I'm off to some destination I've never been to. Non-European journeys I went on in the past, include the following.

    India & Sri Lanka 1993

    GEWIS South Africa Study Tour 1997  (August 24 - September 16)

    Morocco 1999  (July)

    Turkey 1999  (August)

    Texas 2000  (November 2 - 13)
        INFORMS San Antonio 2000
        INFORMS San Antonio 2000 Session SA40
        "INFORMS Annual Meeting San Antonio - An impression" [available in pdf (410k)]
        Tourist map of San Antonio (146k)
        METRO system map of Houston Area (pdf, 326k)
        METRO system map of Houston City (pdf, 741k)
        METRO trolley routes through Houston Downtown (pdf, 144k)
        Map of Kemah Area (49k)

    GEWIS China Study Tour 2001  (April 16 - May 11)
        "Chinese customs and etiquette" [available in ps (45k) and pdf (25k)]
        Pictures of the tour I (secured)
        Pictures of the tour II (secured)
        Pictures of the tour III (secured)
        Political map of China (285k)
        Physical map of China (316k)
        Very detailed map of Shanghai (987k)
        Another detailed map of Shanghai (656k)
        Map of Xi'an (139k)

    Florida & North Carolina 2001  (November 3 - 18)
        INFORMS Miami Beach 2001
        INFORMS Miami Beach 2001 Session WA40
        A picture taken in Everglades National Park, Florida
        Map of Greater Miami (361k)
        The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
        Operations Research Colloquium at UNC
        Miami-Dade Transit

Some recent European journeys:

    Madrid 2002  (June 30 - July 7)
        MCQT'02 - 1st Madrid Conference on Queueing Theory
        Centro Nacional de Arte Reina Sofia
            Pablo Picasso's overwhelming Guernica

    Rome 2002  (October 16 - 21)
        Virgin Express
        Michelangelo's unsurpassed Pieta

    Samos, Greece 2003  (June 26 - July 4)
        Fourth Aegean Intl. Conf. on Analysis of Manufacturing Systems
        Doryssa Bay
        Map of Western Samos (195k)
        Map of Central Samos (219k)
        Map of Eastern Samos (179k)
        Small map of Samos (27k)


Terry's impression of the open days at the Koninklijke Luchtmacht Vliegbasis Volkel (Royal Netherlands Air Force, air base Volkel) on September 1-2, 2000.

Xmas (secured)