International Workshop on
Dynamic and Adaptive Hypertext: Generic Frameworks, Approaches and Techniques


Location: TU/e Auditorium 12A

Time: 14:00 - 17:30


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Opening Introduction   5 min      
Bridging Recommendation and Adaptation: Generic Adaptation Framework - Twittomender compliance case-study. John Hannon, Evgeny Knutov, Paul De Bra, Mykola Pechenizkiy, Barry Smyth and Kevin Mccarthy 25 min Evgeny Knutov
Towards a Framework for Adaptive Faceted Search on Twitter Fabian Abel, Ilknur Celik and Patrick Siehndel 30 min Ilknur Celik  
Referencing within Evolving Hypertext Victor Grishchenko, Johan Pouwelse and Henk Sips 30 min Victor Grishchenko  
Coffee Break (at Voorhof)   30 min      

A set of adaptation patterns for expressing adaptive navigation in Adaptive Hypermedia

Nadjet Zemirline, Yolaine Bourda and Chantal Reynaud 30 min Nadjet Zemirline

Adaptive Hypermedia Systems Analysis Approach by Means of the GAF Framework

Evgeny Knutov, Paul De Bra and Mykola Pechenizkiy 20 min Evgeny Knutov

Open Corpus Adaptation++ in GALE: Friend or Foe?

David Smits and Paul De Bra 20 min David Smits
Closing Discussion   20 min      

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