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DBL Algorithms (2IO90), 2nd Quartile, 2016/2017


27 Jan Added postscript figures of the test set mentioned below.
12 Jan A test set similar to the final test set on Peach is now available.

Instructors and contact information


The goal of this course is to practice solving a large algorithmic problem and to practice implementing and experimentally investigating solutions to algorithmic problems. A second goal is to practice various professional skills, such as working effectively in a team, planning, technical writing and presenting. To this end students work in teams on an algorithmically-oriented assignment, follow a training on presentation skills, and present their work in presentations and written reports.


The following documentation will be supplied in due time.

Teams, tutors and rooms

team name members tutor time slots room (Mon/Wed) room (Tue/Fri)
1 De Haverkortste Route Van Lierop, Linssen, Morskieft, Munter, Van Passel, Van Rijn Yeh B+D MF 3.099 MF 3.097A
2 Brouwers, Van Horssen, Jeevanath, Kufel, Smetsers, Zonnenberg De Kroon B+D MF 3.100 MF 3.097B
3 Trojan Taxi Ant, Diepstraten, Van der Heijden, Hendriks, De Jong, Rothuizen Yeh B+D MF 3.101 MF 3.098
4 🚕 (U+1F695) Brils, Van Ieperen, Schmiermann, Smit, Tanja, Visser De Kroon B+D MF 3.102
5 Yellow Cab Beurskens, Hoekstra, Meskers, Poels, Wolters, Zeven Yeh B+D MF 3.103
6 Fake Taxi Aerts, Van Dijk, Driessen, Van Rietbergen, Savelkoul, Timmermans De Kroon B+D MF 3.104
7 TaxiMen Ahres, Goel, Hübener, Schols, Schukken, Stoyanov Yeh B+D MF 3.105
8 VSpace Baselineskip De Brabander, Copier, Schellekens, Van Strien, Ter Veen, Zhang Kroneman C+D MF 3.097A MF 3.099
9 Vroom Vroom Buyruk, Grabarczyk, Patel, Rastogi, Slot, Van Winden Kroneman C+D MF 3.097B MF 3.100
10 Eventually You Will Get There Transportation Aksakal, Baltus, Florica, Pintilie, Tittel Kroneman C+D MF 3.098 MF 3.101

Slot B+D: Monday 13:45-17:30, Wednesday 8:45-17:30, and Friday 8:45-12:30;
Slot C+D: Tuesday 8:45-12:30, Wednesday 13:45-17:30, and Friday 8:45-17:30.
Note: your room is only reserved for you during the time slots in which your team is scheduled. So teams 1-7 may not be able to use the rooms on Tuesdays and teams 8-10 may not be able to use the rooms on Mondays.


Preliminary schedule: deadlines may be subject to minor changes
(if anything changes, you will be informed by e-mail well in advance)

The scheduled working hours for each of the groups are listed above. There are also several activities and deadlines, as detailed in the schedule below. In addition to the deadlines listed in the schedule, there are the following deadlines every week:

  • at the end of every week, each team should send their (updated) project planning to the tutor;
  • at the end of each week, every team member should send their time sheet to the tutor.
week day & time activity and location
1 (14-18 Nov) Fri 18 Nov 8:45-10:30 kick-off meeting (Laplace 1.105)
2 (21-25 Nov) Fri 25 Nov 23:59 deadline first prototype
3 (28 Nov-2 Dec) no plenary activities or deadlines (except for planning and time sheets)
4 (5-9 Dec) Wed 7 Dec 13:45 self-assessment presentation skills (bring to training)
5 (12-16 Dec) Mon 12 Dec 23:59 deadline mid-term peer assessment and reflection on professional skills
Tue 13 Dec 8:45-11:30 presentation training team 9+10 (MF 5.202)
Wed 14 Dec 8:45-11:30 presentation training team 1+2 (MF 5.135)
presentation training team 3+4 (MF 3.105)
presentation training team 5+6 (MF 3.104)
exceptions for team offices: Fake Taxi in MF 7.105; TaxiMen in MF 7.151
Wed 14 Dec 13:45-17:00 presentation training team 7+8 (MF 3.141)
Wed 14 Dec 23:59 deadline interim report, second prototype and test data
Fri 16 Dec 8:45-12:30 mid-term presentations (Paviljoen u46)
6 (19-23 Dec) no plenary activities or deadlines (except for planning and time sheets)
break (24 Dec-8 Jan) no activities or deadlines (university closed)
7 (9-13 Jan) Fri 13 Jan 8:45 self-assessment presentation skills (bring to training)
Fri 13 Jan 8:45-11:30 presentation trainings
team 1+8: MF 5.141
team 2+9: Flux 1.07
team 3+10: Flux 1.09
team 4+5: Flux 1.10
team 6+7: Flux 1.11
8 (16-20 Jan) Mon 16 Jan 23:59 deadline final software
Fri 20 Jan 8:45-12:30 final presentations (Paviljoen u46)
9 (23-27 Jan) no plenary activities or deadlines
10 (30-3 Feb) Thu 2 Feb 23:59 deadline final report
11 (6-10 Feb) Mon 6 Feb 23:59 deadline peer assessment and reflection on professional skills

Students are required to take part in all activities of this course, so reserve these dates and times in your schedules. Students who are absent without notice will be removed from the course. The same applies to students who are absent by choice (for example, to go on vacation when tickets are cheapest).

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