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DBL Algorithms (2IO90), 2nd Quartile, 2017/2018


22 Jan Test input 000 from the test for the final submission can now be downloaded here
7 Dec There is no plenary meeting on 15 December. The room for the final presentations on 19 January has changed: they will be in Flux 1.03.
24 Nov The report assessment form is available now. The deadline for the interim reports is 17 December.

Instructors and contact information


The goal of this course is to practice solving a large algorithmic problem and to practice implementing and experimentally investigating solutions to algorithmic problems. A second goal is to practice various professional skills, such as working effectively in a team, planning, technical writing and presenting. To this end students work in teams on an algorithmically-oriented assignment, follow a training on presentation skills, and present their work in presentations and written reports.


Teams, tutors and rooms

team name members tutor room
1 The Fast and the Furious Bas O., Bram v/d P., Cas, Hugo, Leon, Marco, Stijn G. Mitchel Brunings MF 3.097A
2 LTS1) Lloyd, Luke, Matthias, Maurice, Raoef, Stefan Mitchel Brunings MF 3.097B
3 Java Dabba Taxi Andrei A., Daniel, Karina, Maria, Thorn, Tijs, Valeriya Mitchel Brunings MF 3.098
4 Cab To Be Kidding Me Isabelle, Luc, Paul B., Rein, Sander, Thomas V., Tijn B. Koen Savelkoul MF 3.099
5 Y-WAIT2) Anneke, Erik, Kevin B., Kevin P., Stijn T., Tom Koen Savelkoul MF 3.100
6 FooBer Bouke, Daan, Edi, Jari, Manisha, Morris, René Jarno Brils MF 3.101
7 SE7EN Dennis, Jingming, Mart, Max, Minjin, Thomas G., Wesley Jarno Brils MF 3.102
9 Initial T Mike, Robert, Roelf, Rowin, Stijn B., Storm, Tobias Stefan Tanja MF 3.104
10 WVTTK3) Bas G., Jordy, Joris, Julian, Tijn C., Toon Stefan Tanja MF 3.105
11 TUber/e Bram S., Casper, Marijn, Nikita, Pieter, Ruben, Yannick Michiel Visser MF 5.135
12 Non-Western Taxi Company Andrei D., Claudiu, Dragos, Eetu, Matteo, Paul C., Vlad-Andrei Michiel Visser MF 5.140

Note: this course covers two time slots = 16 hours per week. Your meeting room is reserved for you for half of those hours, namely Wed 13:45-17:30 and Fri 8:45-12:30. During the other hours, you can work on your assigned tasks at home or you can meet with your team somewhere else, but you will have to find a suitable place to meet yourself then.


In addition to the deadlines listed in the schedule, there are the following deadlines every week:

  • at the end of every week (except the first), each team should send their (updated) project planning to the tutor;
  • at the end of every week (except the first), every team member should send their time sheet to the tutor.
week day & time activity and location
1 (13-17 Nov) Fri 17 Nov 8:45-10:30 kick-off meeting (Luna 1.050)
Sun 19 Nov 23:59 deadline reflection on professional skills, part 1
2 (20-24 Nov) Fri 24 Nov 23:59 deadline first prototype
3 (27 Nov-1 Dec) no plenary activities or deadlines (except for planning and time sheets)
4 (4-8 Dec) Sun 10 Dec 23:59 deadline second prototype and test data
5 (11-15 Dec) Mon 11 Dec 23:59 deadline mid-term peer assessment
Sun 17 Dec 23:59 deadline interim report
6 (18-22 Dec) no plenary activities or deadlines (except for planning and time sheets)
break (23 Dec-7 Jan) no activities or deadlines (university closed)
7 (8-12 Jan) no plenary activities or deadlines (except for planning and time sheets)
8 (15-19 Jan) Mon 15 Jan 23:59 deadline final software
Fri 19 Jan 8:45-12:30 final presentations (Flux 1.03)
9 (22-26 Jan) no plenary activities or deadlines
10 (29-2 Feb) Thu 1 Feb 23:59 deadline final report
Fri 2 Feb 18:00 deadline peer assessment and reflection on professional skills, part 2

Students are required to take part in all activities of this course, so reserve these dates and times in your schedules. Students who are absent without notice will be removed from the course. The same applies to students who are absent by choice (for example, to go on vacation when tickets are cheapest). Peer assessments and reflections on professional skills are mandatory: they do not “count” towards your grade, but without them, you cannot pass the course.

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