Michiel Hochstenbach

NWO Vidi research grant 2013-2018:

    Innovative techniques for large-scale matrix problems

In July 2012 a "Vidi" research grant was obtained from NWO (Dutch Scientific Research Organization).
Amount: € 800.000 for 5 years of research (January 2013-January 2018), including 2 PhD students: In this project we will develop several methods for challenging problems involving large matrices.
These techniques will enable a fast and reliable computation of important quantities,
and may have a considerable impact on problems in science, industry, and applications.

NB: As the project is ongoing, all information here will be updated regularly.

Publications so far resulting from the research

Only brief information is given here; please see Pubs Michiel, Pubs Sarah, Pubs Ian for more info and downloads.



Visits from colleagues

Research visits

Research presented in talks and posters:

April 2013Kent State UniversityMichiel
April 2013Universiteit GroningenMichiel
November 2013OberwolfachMichiel
November 2013CASA-day TU/eSarah
November 2013CASA-day TU/eIan
April 2014Copper MountainSarah
April 2014NDNS+Ian
June 2014IWASEP 10Ian
June 2014IWASEP 10Sarah
June 2014CERFACSSarah
June 2014Householder XIXMichiel
October 2014WoudschotenSarah
October 2014WoudschotenIan
November 2014CASA-day TU/eSarah
November 2014CASA-day TU/eIan
February 2015Student Krylov daySarah
February 2015Student Krylov dayIan
April 2015NDNS+Ian
April 2015NDNS+Sarah
April 2015Colloquium UUSarah
May 2015WSC Spring meetingSarah
June 2015PreconditioningIan
June 2015PreconditioningSarah
June 2015Summer school CetraroSarah
June 2015NDNS+Michiel
October 2015SIAM LASarah
October 2015SIAM LAIan
October 2015WoudschotenSarah
October 2015WoudschotenIan
November 2015CASA-day TU/eSarah
March 2016Structured Matrix ComputationsMichiel
April 2016CASA-day TU/eIan
June 2016University of LjubljanaMichiel
July 2016ILASSarah
July 2016ILASIan
October 2016WoudschotenSarah
October 2016WoudschotenIan
November 2016CWI AmsterdamIan
April 2017University of LjubljanaMichiel
May 2017Utrecht UniversityIan
May 2017Universitaet WuppertalIan

Michiel Hochstenbach
Email: (m.e.hochstenbach tue nl)