IEEE CIS Society Brief on the XES Standard

On April 10, 2017, the IEEE CIS has published a Society Brief on the XES Standard titled: IEEE 1849TM: The XES Standard The Second IEEE Standard Sponsored by IEEE Computational Intelligence Society This Society Brief, which has been published in the IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine of May 2017, introduces the XES Standard to the CIS … [Read more…]

XES Standard available at IEEE SA

The recently approved draft (D03) of the XES Standard is available on the IEEE SA site. Apparently, one can already buy it. See also the XES page in the IEEE Xplore Digitial Library. Note that it still mentions “Draft”, indicating that some editing is still underway.

XES Recirculation

At the moment, version D03 of the XES Standard Proposal is being recirculated. As a result of the ballot, we received a comment that the Standard Proposal should not allow for local times, but should require UTC times instead. The use of UTC times prevents possible ambiguities, like for example can occur when changing to … [Read more…]

XES Ballot

At the moment, the IEEE P1849 Proposal on the XES Standard is being balloted. The XES Working Group is coordinating this standardization process.