XES Certification proposal accepted by XES WG

On July 19, 2017, the XES WG has approved of the XES Certification proposal v2. As a result, we can now start checking the certification levels of the tools that support XES. Based on this certification, it will be clear whether XES files can be successfully transferred between these tools. The figure above is the … [Read more…]

Developing and running ProM plug-ins on your local computer

To develop and run your plug-ins on your local computer, please perform the following steps: Install Eclipse IDE for Java Developers Install in this Eclipse the Subclipse and the IvyDE plugins Create a new “SVN/Checkout Projects from SVN” project, and select https://svn.win.tue.nl/repos/prom/Packages/NewPackageIvy/Trunk as the folder to check out. In the local project, you can then … [Read more…]