OpenXES 2.22 released


On December 8, 2017, version 2.22 of OpenXES has been released. This version of OpenXES does not sort the classifier attribute keys anymore. This new version of OpenXES is available in the ProM Nightly Build as of December 9, 2017 (as of version 6.8.359 of the Log package).

Top-10 ProM plug-ins November 2017


This bar chart shows the top-10 plug-ins based on their runs as registered by Google Analytics. These registrations by Google Analytics can be enabled (or disabled) using the Package Manager of either ProM 6.7 or a recent ProM Nightly Build.

ProM File Format: Log Skeleton (.lsk)

We explain the log skeleton .lsk format with an example. The log skeleton is shown in the figure below. For this example log skeleton, the file looks as follows: log10 activity counts,16 f,22,0,1 g,817,0,1 [],1000,1,1 d,800,0,1 e,1000,1,1 b,958,0,1 a,888,0,1 |>,1000,1,1 o,1881,1,3 m,24,0,1 j,1016,0,2 i,1868,1,2 u,112,0,1 r,89,0,1 q,2683,1,3 p,1000,1,1 transition counts,86 g,q,65 g,o,270 p,i,409 a,e,462 r,q,11 … [Read more…]