Information about the course Automated Reasoning (NWI-IMC009)

Teacher: Prof Dr H. Zantema,

This information is for students at the Radboud University in Nijmegen that follow this semester course in the fall of 2017.

For the goal and contents of the course and a lot of other information like the slides and old examinations, see general information on the course Automated Reasoning in Eindhoven

This course is not given as a full regular course in Nijmegen, as it is in Eindhoven. In order to do it completely in Nijmegen, video recordings from Fall 2013 from the Eindhoven course will be made available via a drop box link announced in Blackboard. Apart from that, every one or two weeks there will be a meeting with the students in Nijmegen, where students may ask questions, and some material will be presented.

The first meeting will be on Tuesday, September 12, 10:45 - 12:30 in HG00.633. From then on every two weeks on the same time and location; on November 21 and December 5 and 19 it will be in HG01.058.

The assessment consists of two parts: a written examination that counts for 40 %, and a practical assignment that counts for 60 %. The written examination is equal to the examination in Eindhoven and will be on the same time in January, 2018.
The practical assignment differs from the practical assignment in Eindhoven in the fact that in Nijmegen it is individual and in Eindhoven it is done in groups of two. This is to justify that the course is 6 ec in Nijmegen and 5 ec in Eindhoven. Further the deadlines are different for these two instances.
For both the written exam and the practical assignment, the grade should be at least 5.0, otherwise the final grade is the minimum of the two parts.

To be downloaded for the practical assignment:

SAT solving is a main topic of this course. This article on SAT solving appeared in NRC on September 5, 2015 (in Dutch).

Last change: November 3, 2017