2V050 Stochastic models for Design and Planning
Fall 2003

Meetings: Tuesday 9:30-12:30 PAV K10
Instructor: Ivo Adan
office: HG 9.07
telephone: 247 29 32
e-mail: iadan@win.tue.nl
Office Hours: when I am in
Text: J. A. Buzacott and J.G. Shanthikumar:
Stochastic Models of Manufacturing Systems,
Prentice Hall, 1993.
Examination: Take home assignment

Assignment: (due February 1, 2004)

Container terminal

Course outline from week to week

  1. Preface
    Basic concepts from probability theory
    Queueing models and some fundamental relations
  2. Markov chains and Markov processes
    The M/M/1 system
    The M/M/1 system with priorities
    The M/M/1 system with subcontracting
  3. A system with production-to-stock
    The M/G/1 system
    The M/G/1 priority system
  4. The M/G/1 system with set-up times
    Queueing systems with general interarrival times
    Multi-machine systems
  5. Machine-repairmen problem
  6. Production lines
  7. Open job shop systems
  8. Closed production networks