Context-Aware Predictive Analytics

2012 - Present

Web analytics is aimed at understanding behavioral patterns of users of various web-based applications or services in e-commerce, mass-media, and entertainment industries. Accurately predicting the probability of desired actions on the web (product purchases, membership registrations, newsletter subscriptions, software downloads, accessing certain information resources, clicking ad banners) in specific circumstances would enable us to achieve better personalization and adaptation to diverse customer needs and preferences.


Search Query Analysis

2007 - 2012

Users search queries logs contain substantial useful information to understand user needs, to predict user behavior and etc. We need techniques to analyze this tera- bytes of data and there are a lot of suggested supervised and semi-supervised me- thodologies but they are time-consuming.


Social Network Analysis

2007 - 2012

The spread of influence among individuals in a social network is one of the fun- damental questions in the social sciences. In this research I consider main defini- tions of influence, which are based on a small set of “snapshot” observations of a social network.

Bio and Research Overview

Julia Kiseleva is a PhD Student at Eindhoven University of Technology in Information Systems Group.


Introduction to Data Mining at Computer Science Center in 2011


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