Joyce Nakatumba




I am a PHD student in the Architecture of Information Systems Group, at the Technische Universiteit of Eindhoven (TU/e), under the supervision of Prof.dr. Wil van der Aalst and Dr. Michael Westergaard.

My main research area is the Application of Process Mining in the improvement of business processes.

Research Outline:

  • Identify problems encourated in building simulations models and making work allocation/distribution in WorkFlow Management Systems (WFMS).
  • Using process mining techniques, learn different resource behaviour patterns form the event logs.
  • The information obtained using process mining can be applied for a number of purposes.:
    1. Gain insights into resource behaviour in the workplace based on the analysis of the information observed in the event logs
    2. Use this information as a basis for work distribution in PAIS.
    3. Incoporate the resource information in building simulation models.

Research Interests are:

Simulation, Business Process Management and Process Mining.

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