Final Exercise

For the final exercise of the course, the essay (1/3 of the final grade), we offer three different options. Due date is January 21.

1.       Scalability of Google Technologies

2.       Implement the Chat application of exercise 3

3.       Give an architecture description of an existing system

The outcome is a research paper of maximal 10 pages (not counting larger diagrams or cover page), and a summary in 5 powerpoints slides. In view of prior experience, mind the guidelines below and in particular pay attention to the remarks concerning copying literature copying without proper indication about what is copied will be considered fraud.

Mind the following aspects:

         Do not forget the questions / points enumerated in the exercise above!

         Add to your essay:

o   Cover page with


  essay type (1, 2, or 3)

  for each author: name (incl. full initials),

  course code 2II45


         Spell check and grammar check your text.

         In your conclusion, reflect on your work, and on the material you examined and the lessons learned.

         The following guidelines are added because of prior (negative) experience.

o   In the references section, provide complete information (follow standards: e.g. for a book: authors/editors, title, publisher, year; for a journal article: authors, title, journal title, volume, number, pages, year; for a webpage: URL). Avoid dangling sources (without reference from the text).

o   In the text, include precise references to relevant sources. Basically, it should be clear to the reader what the source is of every piece of text:

  a literal quotation (include quotation marks, the text should make clear what the purpose of the quote is);

  a rewording of text from one or more sources

  your own contribution (be careful when mixing the latter two)

o   Make the references as precise as possible. Do not just refer to a book, but include chapter, section, or even page numbers. Do not just refer to the home page of a website, but provide a deeper link, or further navigation information. When evaluating your essay, it may be important for us to consult your sources quickly.