Title: Deriving context information from variation of RSSI signals

Project type: Graduation assignment

Short description: The Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) is a measurement of the power of a received signal in radio communications. RSS values can vary significantly over time due to different factors such as weather, positions of objects, interference, etc. This project will investigate to what extent RSS data derived from a densely deployed network of low-power transceivers can be used to derive context information, e.g. movement of objects, weather, etc. The challenge here will be to not just look at the variations in readings from a single transceiver, but to try to derive context information when looking at variations both in time and space. This is a hands-on project where the student will be required to perform tests with embedded hardware, develop models and distributed algorithms to derive context information.

Organization: Philips Research

Contact: dr. R.H. Mak or prof. dr. Johan Lukkien

prof. dr. Johan Lukkien
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