2IX20 Software Specification

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Previous Examination

The examination of last year can be found here, and the one of the year before here and a version without the solutions of the multiple-choice questions here. Notice the important differences with last year:

Time and location

Group Room Tutor
01 MF3.105 Wijs
02 MF3.104 Wijs
03 MF3.103 Wijs
04 MF3.102 Wijs
05 MF3.101 Wijs
06 MF3.100 Huizing
07 MF3.099 Huizing
08 MF3.098 Huizing
09 MF3.097A Huizing
10 MF3.097B Huizing
11 MF5.150 Fedotov
12 MF5.151 Fedotov
13 MF5.156 Fedotov
14 MF5.140 Fedotov
15 MF5.141 Fedotov
16 MF5.143 Vadivel
17 MF5.144 Vadivel
18 MF5.145 Vadivel
19 MF5.146 Vadivel
20 MF5.113 Vadivel
21 MF5.199 Vadivel

Group Assignment Deadlines

Here are the deadlines for the different group assignments:

Deadlines are strict. No exception. Submission in PDF format only, except for UPPAAL files (.xml and/or .q extensions). Other formats will not be graded.

Course Schedule

Below you will find the course schedule and the slides used during the lecture. Note that most of the schedule is tentative.

Location Date Topic Exercises Reader
AUD 8 07-02-17 Introduction, Requirements, and Use Cases. Instruction 1, solutions Ch.1, Ch.2, Ch.3
AUD 8 09-02-17 Class diagrams and Sequence diagrams Ch.4, Ch.5
AUD 8 14-02-17 Activity, and state diagrams Instruction 2, solutions Ch.6, Ch.7
AUD 8 16-02-17 Recap Requirements and UML (end of 2IHS10).
AUD 8 21-02-17 Labelled Transition Systems and Linear Temporal Logic. Instruction 3, solutions Ch.8, Ch.9
AUD 8 23-02-17 LTL continued.
AUD 8 28-02-17 No class. (Carnaval)
AUD 8 02-03-17 No class. (Carnaval)
AUD 8 07-03-17 Timed Automata. Instruction 4, solutions, UPPAAL solutions. Ch.10
AUD 8 09-03-17 Timed Automata (continued) Ch.11
AUD 8 14-03-17 Timed Automata (Final) and Introduction to MBT. Instruction 5, solutions, Gossiping girl UPPAAL model and queries MBT paper
AUD 8 16-03-17 MBT II
AUD 8 21-03-17 MBT III Instruction 4 and 5 continued
AUD 8 23-03-17 Guest lecture: Jan Tretmans (TNO-ESI, Radboud University Nijmegen). "Quality, Reliability, and (Model-Based) Testing of Embedded Systems" slides
AUD 8 28-03-17 Recapitulation Instruction 6 and supporting materials, solutions.
AUD 8 30-03-17 Q&A session
AUD 8 04-04-17 Catch up slot.
AUD 8 06-04-17 Catch up slot.