Case study

The case study that must be performed for this years edition of the Generic Language Technology course involves creating two domain-specific languages using Xtext, implementing a model transformation using ATL and implementing two templates using Xpand. The desired end result of the case study is a domain-specific language that can be used to display paths on the display of a small Lego Mindstorms vehicle and to move this vehicle along these paths.


The following assignments and their solution can be used to get acquainted with the tools that play a part in the case study you need to perform.

First Assignment

For the first assignment, the concrete syntax of the Simple Language for Communicating Objects (SLCO) must be defined using Xtext.

Second Assignment

For the second assignment, ATL is used to define a transformation from SLCO to Not Quite C, a language for the programmable Lego Mindstorms brick.

Third Assignment

For the third assignment, an Xpand template is completed that produces textual versions of SLCO models.


Our solutions to these assignments are available to check your own solutions.