The information below is relevant for all students registered for the regular version of this course (code: 2IT60). Students who take Logic and Set Theory as a homologation course that is part of their master's program (BIS, CSE or ES), should refer to the information pertaining to the homologation variant of this course (see Homologation).


To assess whether you master the course material and satisfy the learning objectives of the course, there will be seven weekly tests and a final exam. Your grade for the final exam (code: 2IT61) will be combined with your final grade for the weekly tests (code: 2IT62) to determine your final grade for the course (code: 2IT60), either in a 30%-70% or a 50%-50% ratio (whichever yields the best result for you), with the extra proviso that your grade for 2IT60 cannot be higher than 5 if your grade for 2IT61 is less than 5.0.

To summarize: let
G = max { (0.7*2IT61 + 0.3*2IT62) , (0.5*2IT61 + 0.5*2IT62) }

Then your grade for 2IT60 is
G if 2IT61 ≥ 5.0; and
min { 5 , G } if 2IT61 < 5.0.

Weekly Tests

The weekly tests will consist of a selection of the exercises on the schedule for the preceding tutorial session, extended with one extra (new) exercise (which will still closely resemble other exercises on the program). During the test, you may not use your notes, or any solutions you may have already written down; so you will have to write up the solutions again in class. But, of course, making all the exercises in advance is the best preparation. It is allowed, and even encouraged, to discuss solutions to the exercises on the schedule with your fellow students (but, of course, not during the test). Furthermore, you can and should ask questions to your tutor during the tutor sessions.

The weekly tests cannot be resit. In particular, although the course is taught both in the first and the second quartile of the academic year 2016-2017, in accordance with Bachelor College regulations you are allowed to participate only once. To compensate for the fact the weekly tests cannot be resit, and to reduce the negative effect of missing a test due to foreseen or unforeseen circumstances, the two lowest grades for the weekly tests will be discarded. The average of the five highest grades rounded to one decimal is your final grade for the weekly tests. The grade for 2IT62 is valid only in the academic year in which it was obtained.

All weekly tests take place on Wednesdays the 5th hour (i.e., from 13:45-14:30hrs.) and last 45 minutes, starting in week 2 of the course.

Test 1: Chapters 1-6

Only with this test we will provide a copy of the table on p. 372 of the book.
Test 2: Chapters 7-10
Test 3: Chapters 11-15

Only with this test we will provide a copy of the tables on pp. 375-378 of the book.
Test 4: Chapters 15-16

Only with this test we will provide a copy of the table on p. 381 of the book.
Test 5: Chapters 16-18
Test 6: Chapters 18-19 (excluding 19.6-19.10)
Test 7: Chapters 19-20 (excluding 19.6-19.10, 20.7, and 20.8)

Final Exam

The final exam (code: 2IT61) is about all the treated course material, i.e., Chapters 1-20 (excluding 19.6-19.10, 20.7 and 20.8) of the book and the handouts. The exam is 3 hours. It is a closed-book exam, which means that you are not allowed to bring the course material or any notes to the exam.

In the academic year 2017-2018, final exams are scheduled on the following moments:
Thursday 02-Nov-2017, 9:00-12:00
Thursday 01-Feb-2018, 13:30-16:30