The information below only applies for students enrolled with a Master's degree program (BIS, CSE or ES) who take Logic and Set Theory as a homologation course. It does not apply to students in any of the Bachelor's degree programs, nor to students enrolled with a pre-master program.

Homologation module 2IHT10

If you are taking this course as part of a Master's degree program (e.g., BIS, CSE or ES), then you should be registered for the special homologation variant of this course with code 2IHT10 (2.5 ECTS). This course has approximately the same intended learning outcomes as the BSc level course, but the focus will be less on mastering the formal systems for calculation and derivation, and more on formalisation and proof.

Course Design

As a student at MSc level, you are expected to acquire the required knowledge and skills in less time and with less effort than a student at BSc level. We have set up the course in such a way that it should be possible to do the course largely by self-study. To assess that you have achieved the learning outcomes, you will just do a final written examination at the end of the course.

To help you to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills through self-study, we have compiled a

[ Self-study Guide ] .

It lists the intended learning outcomes of the course, suggests representative exercises, and gives specific references to the course material.

Furthermore, there are dedicated video lectures for many of the topics, which are accessible via the [Oncourse] instance of the course. (If you are registered for 2IHT10, then you are probably enrolled automatically. If not, then you can request access by sending an e-mail to the lecturer, stating your student id and the master program with which you are enrolled.)

Please note that mastering the skills associated with the material of this course will require a lot of exercise. The exercises mentioned in the self-study guide are for you to quickly assess whether you already satisfy some of the intended learning outcomes. If you cannot quickly solve an exercise, then we strongly recommend that you first read the associated course material and then extensively practice with the suggested exercise material. You can find a full exercise program (with solutions to all exercises) at [Solved exercises].


In the academic year 2016-2017, examinations for 2IHT10 are scheduled on the following moments:
Thursday 03-Nov-2016, 9:00-12:00
Thursday 26-Jan-2017, 13:30-16:30