The purpose of the lectures is to present, explain and motivate the course material. On the Schedule you will find the course material that will be discussed in the lecture. It is good practice to prepare for the lecture by reading the course material in advance. Interaction is very much appreciated during the lectures. If you have questions, please ask them; your questions will improve the lecture!

When and Where?: Tue 5+6 in Laplace 1.105 [1,2]
Thu 1+2 in Paviljoen J17.
Lecturer: Bas Luttik

[1] The lecture on 16-May-2017 will be on the 6th hour only, and hence will start at 14:45.
[1] The lecture on 13-Jun-2017 will probably be on the 6th hour only, and hence will start at 14:45.

It is important for a good understanding of the course material that you practice with it by making exercises. The schedule lists relevant exercises associated with the material treated in a lecture. You are supposed to do these exercises at home, as far as they have not yet been discussed during the lecture.

Office hours

Feel free to drop by my office (MF 6.072) to ask questions related to the course at any time, but note that I'm is not always there or available. If you want to be sure that I'm there and have time for you, please make an appointment. Questions may also be asked by e-mail.