This page contains links to some Java applets that can be used in statistical courses. All of these applets are written in Java 1.2. I have tested them in both Internet Explorer and Netscape Communicator. You need the Java 1.2 plugin to run these applets. You can download this plugin at It is recommended that you don't download this plugin manually, but follow one of the links below, and it will take you to the appropriate download page automatically.
Unfortunately the plugin is not available for all operating systems yet. I have tested the applets in Windows only, but I'm sure they will work in other operating systems, as soon as a stable plugin is available.

Documentation - The documentation on all the classes that are used in the StatApplets.

Specification Limits

This applet draws a normal distribution. It draws a Lower Specification Limit (LSL) and an Upper Specification Limit (USL), which you can move by dragging them with your mouse. It calculates the performance measures Cp and Cpk.

Distribution Functions

This applet draws all kinds of probability functions. You can change them interactively by changing the parameters.