Sabbatical Perugia

Second half of 2006, I had a sabbatical leave from Eindhoven university. Together with Lara, I went to the beautiful city of Perugia, capital of Umbria, in Italy. Here I worked at the Università degli Studi di Perugia for a couple of months. Some of our adventures are in the blog (in Dutch) we wrote in those months.


One of my hobbies is photography. I first got a digital compact camera, many photos listed below were made with this very good, early, digital camera (Canon PowerShot G1). A few years back I got my first SLR, a Nikon D70. May 2011, I replaced my D70 with a D5100, which in turn got upgraded to a D7000 (November 2012) and I currently use that. People say the best camera is the one you happen to have with you. For me, that is my iPhone.

  1. Collection of photos made on my iPhone using the app Camera+

  2. Making chocolates!

  3. I especially like macro photography and a friend lent me his Nikon close-up speedlight set (two small flashes). Here’s some results

  4. July 2009 I joined a workshop on photographing birds of prey which was truly excellent

  5. Some fun experiments with HDR photos (night, low light photos in Utrecht)

  6. A visit to the zoo Ouwehands Dierenpark in December 2007

  7. Birds in the Juliana Park in Utrecht, our “front garden”

  8. I was a member and webmaster of the Fotoclub Lunetten in Utrecht from 2006 till 2009

  9. A short guide (in Dutch) on how to combine two photos in Photoshop (featuring my parents!)

  10. Trip to Istanbul for the international education fair (October 2004)

  11. Cycle tour in Italy (July 2004) where I met my girlfriend Lara

  12. Visit to the Weierstrass Institute for Applied Analysis and Stochastics in Berlin (November/December 2003)

  13. A selection of photos I like

  14. Autumn in Holland (October 2003)

  15. Cycle tour in Portugal (August 2003)

  16. Visit to the 15th International Conference on Domain Decomposition Methods in Berlin (21-25 July 2003)

  17. My trip to China (February/March 2003)

  18. CKE course Digitale fotografie en beeldbewerking. I put up some night photos of Eindhoven, studio photos of a glass chess board, studio photos of fellow students, photos of our workshop in Antwerpen, and photos of our workshop in Zollverein

  19. Cycle tour in Hungary (July, August 2002);

  20. My account of the SRC trip called Hoogtepunten van Scandinavië (August 2001)

  21. PhDays '98, PhDays '99, PhDays 2000 and PhDays 2001

  22. A collection of photos from my stay in Japan (1996).


Information on setting up Exim4 + Spamassassin on Debian sid. Note that I have switched to a Mac a few years back and do not use this setup myself anymore!

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