Generic Language Technology

Course code: 2IS15

Time and location:

No lecture on 20th and 21st of September!

Slides of the courses:

Downloading and installing the ASF+SDF Meta-Environment:

Before installing the Meta-Environment please read carefully the installation requirements.

There are several versions available via this download page. Please download only version 2.0.3! The most efficient way is to use the binary distribution for Linux.

The (k)ubuntu distribution of Linux is the most stable one and ensure a smooth installation.

Windows and ASF+SDF Meta-Environment

Information on how to run the Meta-Environment under Windows can be found here.


It is strongly recommended to work in couples when making this exercises. Given the fact that not everybody is familiar with Unix/Linux it is good idea to have a Linux and non-Linux user together in one couple.

In order to be able to make the exercises you must install the Meta-Environment first, see above.

Before you start with this exercise, it may be helpful to do the guided tour in order to get acquinted with the Meta-Environment.

Material to study for the exam of 26th of January 2011 and 4th of April 2011:

Final mark of GLT The exam of GLT counts for 70% and the practical exercises count for 30%, both with a minimum of 5.5.

Examples of written exams (DISCLAIMER: the exams of 2011 maybe completely different!):