Information for Capita Selecta Connectivity in Random Graphs

Lecturer: Prof. dr. Remco van der Hofstad, HG 10.15, tel.040-2472910,
Time: Starting November 10, Wednesday mornings 10:45-12:30. There will be no lecture on Wednesday December 15.
Location: The course takes places in either the Green Room or Yellow Room at Eurandom (Laplace building, room LG 1.105 or LG 1.110). See below for the precise rooms for every separate day.
See TU/e plattegrond for the campus map.
Exam: Essay, in which you discuss a relevant publication, and working out of some exercises in the notes.
Course material: Lecture Notes: Random Graphs and Complex Networks, Chapters 9-11 (and some material from Chapters 1-8).
Credits: 6 ects.


Course material: Lecture notes.
Random Graphs and Complex Networks.
This version of the lectures notes will be updated prior to the start of this capita selecta course.

Lecture days:
Week 1: September 15 (Green Room).
Week 2: September 22 (Green Room).
Week 3: September 29 (Yellow Room).
Week 4: October 6 (Green Room).
Week 5: October 13 (Yellow Room).
Week 6: October 20 (Green Room).

Week 7: November 10 (Yellow Room).
Week 8: November 17 (Green Room).
Week 9: November 24 (Green Room).
Week 10: December 1 (Green Room).
Week 11: December 8 (Green Room).
Week 12: December 15: This lecture day is canceled!.
Week 13: December 22 (Green Room).
Possibly the dates January 5 and 12 will also be used.

Roughly one out of four lectures will be devoted to exercises. On the first day of the course, we shall also discuss the optimal time for the course. If you would like to follow the course, but have a conflict with Wednesday afternoons, then let me know as soon as possible.

Course outline:
Weeks 1-4: Connectivity in Inhomogeneous Random Graphs (Chapter 9).
Exercises: TBA.
Weeks 5-8: Connectivity in the Configuration Model (Chapter 10).
Exercises: TBA.
Weeks 9-13: Connectivity in Preferential Attachment Models (Chapter 11).
Exercises: TBA.

While some familiarity with random graphs (e.g., by the course Random Graphs and Complex Networks (2WS12)) is beneficial, the material is accessible for students with a general probability background.

Exercises: See lecture notes. Some of the exercises are worked out in the notes, some of the exercises will be worked out by you.