Name of the project


Secure service discovery, access and coordination for service oriented applications




Service oriented architecture is an enabling technology for sharing of digital asserts over wired/wireless network. Using external service orchestration distributed services can be composed into applications. Due to the cooperation are coming from services which belong to different parties, there is a growing need to protect the ownership of service providers and keep the security of communication messages in service composition.


Goals and task


The goal of this project is to address the secure formation of applications from distributed services. Service discovery, access and coordination depend on virtual community membership. The work also addresses formation and operation of these virtual communities. The following describes tasks to be done.


  1. Community management: The idea is that a service can be a community member and is available only within that community. This task includes the deployment of special community services, and the definition and design of the community interface for each service. One of the interface elements concerns membership and management of a virtual community.
  2. Composition platform: This task concentrates on exposing services for third-party composition. Such an external coordination can be done by connecting services to each other or by consuming/using the services in a centralized manner.




The work will be done within the group SAN, Tue, active in the I-Share project.




A reference to the I-Share project: SAN AMOSA-IShare website




Planning (time frame & supervisor)


Shudong Chen and Johan Lukkien will supervise the project.


Status (who is doing the project; maybe a pointer to recent info)


We are seeking out enthusiastic students interested in working on this project for 4 months.