Hacker's Hut (TU/e and telelecturing at the UT and RU)

Who gives this course:

Semester 1. Course code: 2IF17

Time: on Thursday, hours 5 and 6 (13.45 -- 15.30)

Place: Lectures are given at the TU/e and may be followed via telelecturing from the UT (Twente) and from the RU (Nijmegen)


IST Students have to be enrolled at the TU/e, and enroll using OASE (oase.tue.nl). The Twente EIT ICT Master students do not have to be enrolled in Eindhoven, and can enroll in osiris https://osiris.utwente.nl/ using the course code 201100140

OWinfo: https://venus.tue.nl/owinfo-cgi/owi_0695.opl?vakcode=2IF17&studiejaar=2014

Course material

Program (this is subject to change)


Grading will be done via the assignments that will be given during the course; it counts both how many exercises you solve and when (the earlier, the better). The deadline for submitting the solutions to the challenges is January 19, 2014. The format string challenges are not considered in the grading (they are there only for "fun"). How the course is graded requires a bit of explanation.

Hacker's Hut Grading Explained

v02 21/8/2014

The grading of the HH course is done with specific exercises. We have two group of them: a) the challenges b) the optional additional tasks

The Challenges The challenges count for 90% of the final grade. Challenges are thoroughly explained during the lectures. Students are expected to complete at least some of them at seclab?.win.tue.nl:8080.

We do NOT expect students to be able to solve all the challenges. Many of the challenges are very difficult; in particular, the Format String Challenges are completely facultative and not counted in the final grade.

When grading the challenges, we take into consideration when a challenge is solved: solving a challenge the days after it has been made available counts for the full score. Solving a challenge just before the final deadline counts much less.

The Additional Tasks Additional tasks are facultative, and their availability is limited, so they are reserved to the best students (you will not be able to get a 10 for the course unless you carry out an additional task as well).

At this stage, the only additional task we consider is participating to a public CTF, and giving a short presentation at the TU/e to the other students about what you have done. This is something you can also do in a group of at most 2 people.

Availability for the additional tasks is limited (we cannot have all students giving a presentation), and if there are more requests than places available, I'll have to make a choice based on an intermediate evaluation done on October 16 (this intermediate evaluation is going to be based on the score you have realized on the Webapplication challenges you have solved by October 16).