Hacker's Hut (TU/e and telelecturing at the UT and RU)

Who gives this course:

Semester 1. Course code: 2IF17

Time: on Thursday, hours 5 and 6 (13.45 -- 15.30)

Place: Lectures are given at the TU/e and may be followed via telelecturing from the UT (Twente) and from the RU (Nijmegen)

OWinfo: https://venus.tue.nl/owinfo-cgi/owi_0695.opl?vakcode=2IF17&studiejaar=2013


Grading will be done via the assignments that will be given during the course; it counts both how many exercises you solve and when (the earlier, the better). The deadline for submitting the solutions to the challenges is January 19, 2014. The format string challenges are not considered in the grading (they are there only for "fun"). How the course is graded is explained in detail here.

Course material

Program (this is subject to change)