Hacker's Hut

NOTE1: From 2015-2016 this course is not given as telelecture any longer

NOTE2: From 2015-2016 the evaluation method is changed: there is a written exam at the end in addition to the challenges

Who gives this course:

Semester 1, Quartile 2. Course code: 2IMS20

Time: on Tuesdays, hours 5 and 6 (13.45 -- 15.30) and Thursdays, hours 3 and 4 (10:45 -- 12:30)



Students from Nijmegen have to be enrolled at the TU/e, and enroll in the cursus, via canvas.tue.nl

Course material

Please check regularly the program of the lectures


Grading is determined by a combination of assignments (50%), a written exam at the end of the course (50%).