Part 1: Due on May 4
Part 2: Due on
June 7

Part 1: Think of some project you worked in (Software Engineering project, OGO project, "stage", any other) where process modelling would be useful but it was not done at all, or not done appropriately. The models you would finally produce don't have to be models of the software product you built in that project (it would be a model of a better product, hopefully).
Formulate the goals you want to achieve with modelling, questions you want to answer; explain why time spent on modelling and costs related to it would pay off.
Write several use cases described by corresponding scenarios for the processes you are going to model.
Define what kind of model is to be built (see e.g. J. M. Wing, "Hints to Specifiers", CMU-CS-95-118R, May 1995. and J. Ludewig, "Models in software engineering – an introduction").
Formulate requirements to the processes you want to model and formalize them.
Describe which aspects of the processes you need to model to achieve your goals.
Submit it as project proposal (paper version in my mailbox and the electronic version via studyweb) and wait for my feedback before starting to work on Part 2.

Part 2: Choose a formalism appropriate for the process you are going to model and the  questions you want to answer. (Give the motivation for your choice.)
Create you model and perform the necessary analysis work . The steps you will take depend on the process you model and the purpose of modelling.
In most of cases you will need to
You have to hand in a hard copy of your project report in my mailbox and a full digital version, including the file with your report  and all files with your models, via studyweb.