2IC60 Essay

Each student in an essay group must fill in the peer assessment form. This will be used for identifying free-riders. Free-riding results in getting zero from the essay. Not all members of the essay group will necessarily get the same grade. There can be a maximum of 3 points (out of 10) difference between any two group members based on the peer review; i.e. other than in case of free-riding.


Your group will write one essay based on one of the articles available on Canvas.


You must submit 2 things via Canvas:

  1. The essay is submitted as a group.
  2. Each participant of an essay group must submit a separate "Peer review form" assignment (confidential) also through Canvas. Not submitting the peer review form is equivalent to not submitting the essay. Do not show your review form to ANYONE.


Writing the Essay


Below, the term "essay" refers to the report to be written by the students in groups. The term "paper" refers to the literature piece that is studied before writing the essay.


The length of the essay must be 4 pages - A4 regular single column page setup with reasonable margins, font Times New Roman 11pt.


The structure of the essay must be as follows:




Frequently asked questions and answers: