Bruce WatsonÕs Personal Page




What do I do?

I am full professor and head of two research groups: FASTAR is focused on finite state systems (including applications in network security, spying, and bioinformatics), while ESPRESSO is all about software construction and engineering (with subareas such as taxonomies/toolkits, methodologies/processes, support tools, formal methods). These groups are present at both the University of PretoriaÕs computer science department and the Eindhoven University of TechnologyÕs software construction group. Besides my research work, I also consult from time to time with companies doing related development work.


Course links

IÕm involved in the following courses:

  1. Program realization (2IP20)
  2. Software construction (now called 2IS20, was 2R870)


Contact details

You can email me at for university-related issues, or at if itÕs specific to our FASTAR research.