Cor Hurkens


On this page you will find some useful links.

This page contains tutorials and specifications of HTML, CSS and more.

Comprehensive TeX Archive Network (CTAN)
Here you will find (almost?) every LaTeX style file that has ever been created.

FAP Web, a site about Frequency Assignment problems
Here you will find an up to date overview of research concerning frequency assignment problems.

ZIB - Math Programming Codes
Here you will find a site with a collection of codes for solving various mathematical programming problems.
ZIB - Math Programming Test Problems
A site with a collection of (pointers to) various mathematical programming test problems, among others TSPLIB.
Cor Hurkens' hints for LP
A collection of (pointers to) mathematical programming software available for TUe students.
Cor Hurkens' findings on Franklin Magic Squares
Internal report with construction methods, C-code for disproving 12 by 12 case, slides of presentation.