This website contains information regarding the labs of the course VLSI Programming. For general course information, see the official course website.




Before coming to the labs, make sure you have read the preparation document listed below, and installed all relevant software listed in it.

Reporting guidelines

For assignments 3, 4, and 5 below you have to hand in a report via PEACH.
Here are some guidelines for reporting.


Assignment 1 (April 28 7+8, May 12 7+8 )

Assignment 2 (May 12 7+8, 19 7+8, 26)

Assignment 3 (May 26, June 1, 2 | Report deadline: June 9)

Assignment 4 (June 2, 8, 9 | Report deadline: June 16)

Assignment 5 (June 9, June 15, 16 | Report deadline: June 22)


For help with the practical assignments, you can send an e-mail to h.l.salunkhe[at]tue[dot]nl or a.lele[at]tue[dot]nl with your question.
For problems with the tools, please include the (relevant) output of the compiler.

Hints for using the tools.

Please mail any suggestions for hints to h.l.salunkhe[at]tue[dot]nl or a.lele[at]tue[dot]nl. I'll include your tip here for others to use.


Running ISE 14.7 under Windows 8
Under the assumption that you are using ISE 14.7 and have installed it to the default location proceed as follows: