Software Engineering: Review Schedule

The second practical assignment concerns a technial review of the Requirements Document for the product of Components 2. Each group reviews a requirements document of another group.

Schedule (which group reviews which other group):
Reviewing Group-Artefact under Review
1 Vullers et al.reviews2
2 Delissen et al.reviews3
3 Elzen et al.reviews4
4 v.d. Heuvel et al.reviews5
5 Koenders et al.reviews6
6 Lammers et al.reviews7
7 Schoenmakers et al.reviews8
8 Roeloffzen et al.reviews9
9 Berndsen et al.reviews1

To find the review report concerning your product's requirements:
Artefact under Review-Review Report
1 Vullers et al.was reviewed by9
2 Delissen et al.was reviewed by1
3 Elzen et al.was reviewed by2
4 v.d. Heuvel et al.was reviewed by3
5 Koenders et al.was reviewed by4
6 Lammers et al.was reviewed by5
7 Schoenmakers et al.was reviewed by6
8 Roeloffzen et al.was reviewed by7
9 Berndsen et al.was reviewed by8

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