SEP: Form for Peer Evaluation

Pre: Discuss the notion of commitment (inzet) in the group to obtain a common understanding.

Post: Return completed form in special mailbox at HG 7.43.

Project Number
Student Period

Student Judgment Advice

Further Comments


Project Name of project
Number Number of project (1 - 8)
Student Name of student doing the evaluation
Period Evaluation period: January-March, or April-June
Evaluate all student members in the group,
including yourself and the project manager
Student Name of student being evaluated
Judgment Your impression of the student's commitment (inzet)
encoded as follows
++Indispensible (voortrekker)
+ Valuable (nuttig)
o Neutral
- Mediocre (matig)
- -Lacking (maakt zich er vanaf)
Advice Explain how the student might improve a low judgment