This is an overview of CatVis updates.

IP Article and KNVI Congresslast updated 01-11-2016

An article about CatVis is published in a special of the Informatie Professional. This is a magazine and platform for information professionals in the worlds of libraries, archives and heritage. The special issue (PDF, 4.7MB) of the magazine (also included in the 2016-08 issue (PDF, 6.4MB)) discusses the upcoming KNVI Jaarcongres 2016 and showcases talks that will be given there.


Lorentz Workshoplast updated 13-09-2016

We are organizing a workshop at the Lorentz center. It will be hosted at June 19–23, 2017 and is titled Visualizing Digital Humanities.


Kickoff Meetinglast updated 09-11-2015

On November 26, 2015, we will organize a kickoff meeting. The workshop has four aims:

  1. investigate how librarians and library users can use (geo-)visualization techniques to manage, explore, and comprehend library collections,
  2. present ongoing research in the eHumanities that uses such visualization techniques,
  3. provide a forum for researchers in the library sector, the fields of algorithms, information visualization and visual analytics, and the eHumanities to meet and to discuss possibilities for collaboration,
  4. kick-off the NWO Creative Industries project Visual Analytics for the World’s Library Data.