IP Article and KNVI Congress

An article about CatVis is published in a special of the Informatie Professional. This is a magazine and platform for information professionals in the worlds of libraries, archives and heritage. The special issue (PDF, 4.7MB) of the magazine (also included in the 2016-08 issue (PDF, 6.4MB)) discusses the upcoming KNVI Jaarcongres 2016 and showcases talks that will be given there.

The KNVI Jaarcongres is organized by KNVI, Ngi-NGN and SOD. This year's theme is Do It Yourself and the congress will be held in the NBC Congress in Nieuwegein. There will be a varied program with workshops, presentations, keynotes and even a quiz. Michel will give a presentation about CatVis in track 2.

You can download a copy of the CatVis article (PDF, 3.4MB). If you are on a slow connection, you may want to consider downloading a lower quality version (PDF, 377KB). Both of these PDF files contain only an extract of the IP 2016-08 magazine, namely the two pages with the article about CatVis. We would like to thank the redaction of IP, in particular Edwin Mijnsbergen and Ronald de Nijs.