Quantitative Formal Methods





Workshop on

Quantitative Formal Methods:

Theory and Applications

- workshop of FM 2009 -

Eindhoven, The Netherlands

November 3rd, 2009


Keynote Speakers

Talk title:  A Process Algebraic Approach to Software Architecture Design: Quantitative Aspects

The choice among alternative architectural designs or alternative off-the-shelf components is typically driven by the objective of optimizing the performance of the final system. Moreover, the designer may want to understand whether the performance of a specific architectural design can be improved and, if so, it would be desirable for the designer to have some diagnostic information that guide the modification.
In this talk we illustrate a procedure for the prediction, improvement, and comparison of the performance of software architectures, which relies on the combined use of a process algebraic architectural description language and queueing networks.

Talk title: Towards enrichment of a refinement-based tool chain with quantitative reasoning

This talk will give an overview the Rodin toolset for Event-B and some of applications to which it is being applied. The language and tool currently have weak support for quantitative reasoning. Areas where quantitative reasoning could play a role will be outlined. Some initial explorations of treating quantitative reasoning (in a broad sense) will be described.

Talk title: The Challenge is Renewable: Stochastic Electricity Balancing

The European electricity market is rapidly evolving towards a decentralized structure, not only because of climatical and political circumstances. The increase of production based on renewable energy implies drastically higher fluctuations in available electricity. This talk introduces the stochastic electricity balancing problem, which is a result of these current trends. We sketch IT-supported strategies to counteract this problem, and derive principal considerations for modelling and analysis techniques to assist in the solution of this problem.