YRF Call for Papers

The 2015 Computational Geometry Week (CG Week) will take place in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, June 22-25. It will bring together the global community of researchers who work on various aspects of geometry, algorithms and applications.

Following previous years, one of the events that will take place during CG Week 2015 will be the Computational Geometry: Young Researchers Forum (CG:YRF), which is aimed at current and recent students. The active involvement by students and recent graduates in research, discussions, and social events has been a longstanding tradition in the CG community. Participation in a top-level event such as CG Week can be educating, motivating, and useful for networking, both with other students and with more senior scientists.

The CG:YRF presents young researchers an opportunity to present their work (in progress as well as finished results) to the CG community in a friendly, open setting. Presentations will be given in the form of talks. A screening process (but no formal review) will ensure appropriate quality control.

Important dates

March 25, 2015:Deadline for submissions
March 31, 2015:Deadline for support packages
April 15, 2015:Notification of conditional acceptance
April 22, 2015:Deadline for revisions
April 29, 2015:Notification of acceptance
(deadlines are 23:59 Honolulu time)

Submission guidelines

  • The event provides a forum for young researchers to present new and ongoing work. Therefore, the work should not have appeared in print in a formally reviewed proceedings volume or journal by the time of submission.
  • Topics must fit into the general theme of computational geometry, for example as outlined in the call for SOCG papers.
  • At least one of the authors must be a young researcher (defined as not having received a doctoral degree before 2013) who will present the work during CG:YRF.
  • A submission must be in the form of a 2-page abstract, formatted according to the provided style file and submitted via EasyChair. An example file is also available for download.
  • Detailed proofs are not required, but the PC may request clarification on omitted proofs if it is necessary for evaluating the technical quality of a submission.
  • Accepted abstracts will be compiled in a booklet of abstracts that will be distributed among the participants; this should not be considered a formal publication. In particular, participants are encouraged to submit (an extended version of) their presented work to a conference with formal proceedings and/or to a journal.

We will employ a two-phase screening process. After the first review phase, there will be a notification of either rejection, or conditional acceptance, accompanied with a description of required changes to be made (either with respect to content or format).

In the second phase, we will check whether the changes have been implemented satisfactorily. The screening process is intended to ensure the technical quality of the presented work. Submissions that are not well written risk rejection, regardless of their merits. Authors are requested to have their submissions proofread by their advisor or another experienced scientist.

Support packages

This event is supported, in part, by the European Science Foundation (ESF) under the EUROCORES Programme EuroGIGA. In particular, EuroGIGA is supporting 60 young researchers (defined as not having received a doctoral degree before 2013).
In case you are a young researcher and presenting a paper at SOCG or YRF, you can apply for EuroGIGA support for your stay in Eindhoven during CG Week 2015. You will stay in the Sandton Hotel Eindhoven City Centre free of charge. Furthermore, your registration cost is reduced to € 50,-.
If you are presenting at the YRF, you might receive support depending on demand. There are 28 support packages available for speakers at the YRF. In order to apply for a YRF support package, please make sure to fill in the YRF support package application form by March 31. The selection will be made by the YRF program committee based on aspects including the quality of the submissions, geographic distribution of participants, career stage of authors, and the motivation stated in the application form. You will be notified about the outcome of the support application after the YRF final notification. For questions about the YRF support packages, please contact the YRF PC chair, Rodrigo Silveira.