TU/e Stochastics Colloquium

Colloquium description and speaker guidelines


The STO colloquium is a platform allowing the stochastics group to invite excellent speakers able to communicate to a broad audience interesting topics with connections to all realms of stochastics (i.e., probability theory/statistics/stochastic operations research) and algorithmics (especially the connection between stochastics & algorithmics). The talks are colloquial in nature and the emphasis is placed on the context, the motivation, and the main ideas behind the presented results, rather than in depth descriptions of technical details.

Target audience

Researchers in all areas of stochastics, ranging from first year Ph.D. students to senior researchers. Speakers should assume that the audience solely has basic knowledge of probability theory, statistics, stochastic processes and algorithmics, and a reasonable level of mathematical maturity.

Talk format

There are 60 minutes allocated to the talk and questions. The talks take place every second Wednesday at 15:45 till 16:45, starting on September 16th, at the Metaforum building at TU/e (room MF 11/12, 4th floor). A typical talk will have the following format:
  1. Broad context and applicability (approximately 10% of spent time)
  2. Motivation (approximately 10% of spent time)
  3. Overview of results and/or contributions. Intuition behind technical aspects and challenges should be given preference over very detailed technical descriptions (approximately 65% of spent time)
  4. Impact, open challenges and links to other areas (approximately 15% of spent time)
Immediately after the talk there is an informal gathering with drinks and snacks, typically triggering further discussions.