ACTION is a TU/e educational project that provides a technical and didactic framework to help teachers producing and using activating media casts (video and audio) in class.

Moreover, we provide examples of several media casts that have been developed within this framework and that have been tested in class.

Today's students grew up with TV, the internet, YouTube and so on. A big part of their communication uses a lot using images. They make photos or videos of what is happening to them and share them with their friends. For them it is natural to exchange information using these media. So, introducing video and audio in our education is a natural and useful step (see for example Pinder-Grover, Green, and Millunchick, where the authors conclude that students perceive all screencasts to be helpful, and that their development offers benefits above and beyond traditional text-based resources, as they can synthesize many resources, and provide a multimedia presentation of concepts that can reach a wider range of learners).

To understand how to use ICT in general and audio and video casts in particular, teachers should not only be knowledgeable of the contents, didactics and technology involved, but also of the interplay between them, see TPACK.

Within the project ACTION we have collected information on both the technical and pedagogical aspects of using these media in class and their interplay.

With the help of this information, teachers can enrich their teaching with activating and appealing videos and audio cast.